The Park Slope Conservatory is a performing arts school with kids, craft, and community at its center.

The Conservatory uses the combination of traditional technical training based in pedagogy to hold students to the highest standards, while maintaining a warm family environment to create a safe space for them to learn. 



An emphasis on thinking like an artist, building community, and using the collaborative skills of arts education to enrich the lives and capabilities of students outside of the arts is needed now more than ever. In a time where arts support is being threatened, and communication skills are being lessened it is imperative to teach the next generations to be empathetic and communicative.

Arts education offers the opportunity to bring children the gifts of thoughtfulness and inward thinking with a communal outlook. It can teach them the skills to build bridges at a time when too many are building walls. - Danny Greenberg PSC founder.



Danny has helped to reinforce that being a good person, being true to yourself , having a love of learning and a positive attitude is what it's all about. - Marie Mcgehee, mother of Madison(long time acting student)

From the beginning, Danny has worked to instill confidence in Ayla. Danny is a phenomenal vocal, acting, and movement  coach and has helped prepare Ayla for both non-professional as well as professional opportunities. He always believed in Ayla and she felt it. He expected a lot from her so at times it wasn’t easy but Danny pushed Ayla with a warm and kind hand.  This prepared Ayla for the real world and encouraged Ayla to walk into an audition room with confidence and determination. - Elaine Schwartz, mother of Ayla Schwartz (Frozen Broadway, The Miracle Worker) 

Danny's instruction, mentorship and guidance has helped Lily cultivate a passion that brings her true joy.  I have seen Lily's happiness grow while working with Danny, and, in my mind, there is no greater compliment I can give than that. - Wendy Lee, mother of Lily (long time voice student) 



Students and alumni have been seen in the following shows on TV, Broadway, Regionally, and in National Tours